Bushiri Church Banned in Botswana

News reaching South Africa are that Botswana authorities have ordered the closure of Bushiri’s churches in Botswana. The Botswana government said the Church was violating their laws. The church is understood to be appealing the decision by Minister Edwin Batshu

Controversial South African-based Malawi prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, was prohibited from entering Botswana without a visa  in 2017, a development that left his much-awaited business conference hanging in the air.

The Botswana authorities confirmed then that the rich self-styled prophet had been listed, meaning he would need to obtain the document ahead of his crusade scheduled for the end of the month in the capital Gaborone.

A communiqué issued by the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs confirmed the listing.

“Notice is hereby given that in accordance with regulation 5 of the Immigration (Visa) Regulations, the Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs, hereby declares that Shepherd Huxley Bushiri of Malawian nationality is to obtain Visa to enter Botswana,” reads part of a declaration signed by Minister Edwin Batshu.