Cruel Jokes: Kelly Khumalo Blamed for Robbie Malinga’s Death

Robbie Malinga Has Passed Away

Some jokes a plain cruel and nasty. On the 25th of December 2017, yes Christmas Day, South Africa received the shocking news that veteran musician, Robbie Malinga had passed away.

The South African entertainment fraternity was in shock. Even president Zuma and other high profile South Africans sent their messages of condolences. However there is another sick section of our community who found it in them to make jokes and all sorts of insinuations regarding the unfortunate passing on of Mr Malinga.

They took to Social Networks with one thing in mind. To demonise and bully Kelly Khumalo. To connect the talented musician with the death of Robbie Malinga. To make it look like she is the one who caused the death. In a way, to create and further propagate the idea that she is cursed or is the curse.

De Laste wanted RTs and only singles out Kelly Khumalo as the artist who did collaborations with Robbie Malinga, when infact the veteran producer worked with many artists.