Khuli Chana takes his partnership with Absolut and One Source to new heights

The Venus Bushfires by Helen Isibor-Epega. One of the pieces of African art featured in One Source. Photo: MarpLondon

The Venus Bushfires by Helen Isibor-Epega. One of the pieces of African art featured in One Source. Photo: MarpLondon

From instigating a creative revolution with the incredible ‘Absolut to Africa’ campaign to his ‘One Source’ music track topping the charts and becoming the best selling record on iTunes, Khuli Chana continues to transform minds by sharing some of the most powerful inspiration South Africa has ever experienced.

In 2016, Khuli Chana’s campaign was acknowledged as Africa’s ‘Creative Revolution’. The concept was developed to tell Khuli Chana’s story of originality and authenticity, which proceeded into a partnership with One Source, an African musical collaboration, where they then created a music video and album that became a war-cry for the continent’s much-anticipated change. ‘One Source’, which the title of the debut track, become the best selling record on iTunes, racking up 754 908 views online.

To continue this rewarding journey, Absolut, One Source and Khuli Chana birthed a new idea: a festival of African creativity. They’ll be bringing this event to the global stage, where a chosen team of five influential artists will act as a heroic league of superheroes who inspire positive change and creativity. This event, also known as One Source Live, will take place in March 2018 in Johannesburg. And, to add even more of a creative flair to the already goosebump experience, these five artists’ powers will be referenced by each of the ingredients in the premium vodka brand, all sourced from Ahus, a tiny Swedish town.

Led by the award-winning rap-star Khuli Chana (The Dragon), standing alongside Sho Madjozi (The Rain Queen), Trevor Stuurman (The Explorer), Fabrice Monteiro (The Iron Warrior) and Osborne Macharia (The Eye), the event will be a spectacular all-day live event with multiple stages, performances and exciting collaborations. Behind the campaign is also a crowdsourced movement for all African individuals to join the creative revolution and get involved online by selecting and choosing some of the best artwork from African artists in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

Their One Source Live characters reveal the following:

  • The Dragon: His voice is his power. He breathes fire when he speaks and calls the world to arms.
  • The Rain Queen: With her powerful words, she summons the weather that enriches the earth.
  • The Explorer: He has the power to reveal true character. He sees more than meets the eye.
  • The Iron Warrior: He can transform matter into art with a simple gesture of his hands.
  • The Eye: He has the power to immortalise life’s most meaningful and important moments.

Absolut ambassador Khuli Chana’s thoughts on the event:

“This is a very important part of the African Renaissance. Africa’s creative awakening is ushering in a new era in world entertainment and in the global arts sector at large. As we unite, grow, and progress creatively, we influence the world and share the greatest and most effective inspiration the world has ever experienced. I’m proud to be an African leader in my own right and to be championing the advancement of African brilliance in our lifetime.”

One Source Life is a perfect opportunity for me to fulfil a long-standing dream of mine, to display Africa to the world in the most majestic and powerful way possible. This project defines what being a creative revolutionary means to me: the courage to unite in the face of all physical, cultural, and political boundaries and differences as Mama Africa’s offspring and make her shine, to make her proud, to make her smile.”

The overall idea is to celebrate Africa’s history, mythology and bright future. The event aims to replace the dominance of curio images with a true reflection of African art. “AFRICA is on fire!” are the opening words to the popular song ‘One Source’ by Khuli Chana. These words are the message that urges people to change the way the world sees African Art and to embrace our creative weapons and our heritage.

Iris Le Berg, Marketing Manager at Absolut, says: “Absolut has a long history of supporting artists and standing up for the rights of communities, whether it will be LGBT or female power/rights. One Source Live underscores our believe that creatives are the real leaders that can rewrite and recreate the kind of change that modern Africa is poised to own. We are bringing these creative revolutionaries together to highlight Africa as the creative engine of the world.”

This event is the start of something new, and we can’t wait to see all the positive noise it’s going to make. May this campaign reignite a new era in world entertainment and in the global arts sector, and let us change the way people perceive our creativity. People can visit to participate in the creative revolution. All you have to do is select and up-vote the art you want the world to see. (You can vote as many times as you like.) Keep an eye out on Khuli Chana and Absolut’s social media pages for more information on the event, where to buy tickets and how to make a difference.