Renualt Cleo Blaze Owner Shares Her Odeal

A motorist, Renault  South Africa customer and Facebook user who goes by the name of Palesa Pearl Nopote has shared a horror story regarding her Renault Cleo Blaze problems. She claims that she bought the car less than 13 month ago and has been giving her problems Renault Customer Services can’t solve. She has taken to Twitter, Facebook and Hello Peter as well as a couple of unanswered calls, but there seems to be no end to her misery. 

Here is the story:

I bought a new Renault Cleo Blaze last year January and after four months the car started having mechanical issues. It would loose power when I go up a hill and after that the cr would not wana move then the following warning lights would come up check start assistance, check stop and go, check ESC, and check anti pollution system. took it in and they could not tell me what the issue was because after 30 minutes or so the car would not show those lights again and would be able to move. At first the issue would be after 3 to 4 days then it stopped for a month. in May the car broke down again and the same analysis came out. During this time the service I got from the dealerships and Renault Customer car was poor and did not get much answers or assistance. When I finally said I don’t want the car anymore they told me there is nothing they can do unless the car was broken again.

So I waited for the issue to arise again. 6 months later( November 2017) the same issue arises and I was told that I must again wait for it to breakdown so I waited. On the 16 of December 2017 another issue arises, the car broke down saying engine failure alert. I stoped the car and called them thinking it was the same issue. When the towing company came we tried starting the car and the car refused to start. I then had to like usual follow up with them on what’s happening with the car, I was told that the resistor had a hole due to an accident and that damaged my engine, I told them I did not have an accident then the story changed to rats must have chewed into the radiator. I went to the dealership to see all this myself and I was told that the rats brought bones to the engine and the bones must have been blown by the fan to cause a hole on the radiator. Then I asked if I should’ve gotten a warning light before the car failed and they said I should have, I explained that there was no warning sign that the car was overheating the only warning I got was the engine failure alert and by that time the car was damaged. I then called customer care that took ages to pick up ,only to find out that there was one person working there at that time, I was told that the warranty will not cover the damages. I challenged that discussion by arguing that I should have gotten a warning light and they said they will get back to me two days later I called and the lady told me she forgot as she was working alone and that she will look into the matter and get back to me and like usual she did not a day later I decided to go there myself and when I got there nothing had been done. We spoke and concluded that a case would be open and they will investigate. On Friday the 22nd December they said they will send someone to inspect the car and they will get back to me. I’ve been trying to get ahold of Renualt Customer care since then to no success, at first it rings with no answer and now it says number is not in service. Renault South Africa has the worst cars and services ever.