Robbie Malinga Has Died

Robbie Malinga passes away

Robbie Malinga was born in Meadowlands, Soweto in South Africa. He is a South African musician, producer and songwriter. He is the the owner of a record label, Robbie Malinga Entertainment.

He started his career at the Kwaito scene at a young age, in 1998 he released his smash hit, Insimbi.Her studied music at a college in Roodepoort with his friend Trompies star.

He shifted from Kwaito to produce Afro pop and Soul.He says that he shifted because he wanted to grow and get to produce the quality of music that will be loved by music fans.

He formed a record label Robbie Malinga Entertainment,and released the album ‘The Duets’. He signed he star of the moment, Musa Sukwene of Mthande fame. Robbie has produced a number of hits for the likes of Kelly Khumalo, Naima K, Zahara, Ntando and Fiso.

Artist: Robbie Malinga
Release date: November 17, 2017


  1. Bekezela
  2. Nowayo
    Hugo Flow
  3. Shukumisa
    Dr Malinga
  4. Sweetie lavo
    Naima Kay
  5. Love Mo
  6. I Got To
    Hugo Flow
  7. Bathi Ungiloyile
  8. Magazi
  9. Dali We

Robbie Malinga is a South African music producer who was responsible for shaping the careers of artists like Brown Dash, Kabelo, Arthur Mafokate, Izinyoka, Mzekezeke and Sbu of AmaLawyer fame.