Robbie Malinga Has Passed Away

Robbie Malinga Has Passed Away

Veteran musician Robbie Malinga has died.

Details around his death are unclear at this stage, but his label manager Kenny Tlale confirmed that he had spoken to Malinga’s wife.

“I just got confirmation that he died this afternoon. However we still need to get the finer details from his family,” he said.

The musician’s manager Sipho Dube said he still needed to meet  Malinga’s family and they would only confirm the news after a family meeting.

“I can’t say anything at this stage without speaking to the family. You will need to call me tomorrow.”

The hit making producer and musician has been in-and-out of hospital over the last few months. There was once speculation that he has passed away, which turned out to be a hoax.

Robbie was admitted to hospital in June where he was diagnosed with anemia. He later came to share his condition with the public, which helped in arresting all kinds of speculation about his health, specially on social networks.

“He has been travelling across the country for months without rest. He needs to take a break and look after himself. He is under strain but still works day in and day out,” said Universal Music spokesperson Dharam Sewraj at the time.