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Alcohol causing erectile dysfunction in SA men

Almost half of South African men could be at risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) because of excessive drinking, according to a survey. The survey found that 44 percent of the country’s men were at risk of ED, said Pharma Dynamics, a generics pharmaceutical firm specialising in men’s sexual health. Clinical studies suggested that three or more standard alcoholic drinks per ...

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Sexual Health Tips

Enjoy at least one orgasm per week. Orgasms bring blood flow to your pelvis, which helps keep your tissues strong and thick and your pelvic muscles strong and flexible. It also utilizes your circulatory system and your nervous system, and helps keep everything running smoothly. If you are not as orgasmic as you used to be, the Vaginal Renewal program ...

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Durbanites found to be the country’s biggest consumers of porn

According to a recent survey by Lazeeva, a company that makes erotic gadgetry, Johannesburg is the most sexually liberated city in South Africa. The survey came about as a means to discover which was the world’s most sex-positive city. In this case, sex-positive means having “open, tolerant, or progressive attitudes towards sex and sexuality”. The criteria they based this on ...

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