Unexpected: Teenage & Pregnant

Welcoming a new life into a family is one of the most priceless feelings ever!

However, this is not the case in the new documentary series of Unexpected: Teenage & Pregnant. This emotional documentary series explores the highs and lows of unplanned teen pregnancies in the lives of three families.

The irony is that each one of these young mothers was herself the child of a teen mum, and a new baby in the mix only adds to the already complex family dynamics. This series follows each family as they negotiate relationships with parents and partners through each stage of pregnancy as they anticipate the arrival of their unknown fate. As always, tensions rise between mother, daughters and families, as no one shies away from their opinions on how the new addition should be raised. From figuring out where to live and how to raise their child, are they prepared for this massive adjustment?

Don’t miss Unexpected: Teenage & Pregnant from Wednesday, 10 January at 21:00 on TLC Entertainment (DStv 135) to see how the young parents juggle school and a baby.

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